Periodontist are again specialized doctors who have been trained for treating the problem of gum diseases by both periodontal surgery procedures and non-surgical treatments. The specialized doctors diagnose the dental condition, prevent and treat the gum disease in the best possible way. If someone is facing the problem of gum disease and the problem is diagnosed timely, then the periodontics assures to get back the healthy gums by their treatments. The professionals can even go for gum surgery, gum grafting and dental implants depending upon the case of the patient. 


Photos before and after treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis and bleeding gums. The concept of prevention of oral diseases and treatment by a periodontist. A man has gum bleeding.

Some Types of Treatments Provided by Periodontics are as follows

 Aesthetic Crown Lengthening and Gingival Contouring

  • Gingival contouring is the process of recontouring the gum only
  • “Crown lengthening” refers to recontouring of both the gum and supporting bone

Deep Scaling and Root Planing

To treat the periodontal gum diseases, most of the Periodontists prefer using the process of scaling and root planing as it is the most effective and common diseases. It is the process where dentist cleans the gums and teeth from its roots to the upper side. The scaling process comprises of removing calculus that is attached to the tooth surfaces. The process of scaling is to clean the areas below the gum lines and roots as well. The professional uses utilize ultrasonic instruments like tiny vibrant which removes the stains, plaque and breaks the tartar. 

Bleeding gums indicates periodontitis

Guided Tissue Regeneration

In many cases, the gum tissue gets shrunk and later requires surgery. To avoid this Guided Tissue Regeneration process is being used by the professionals that enable the dentists to regrow the bone and tissue at the affected area. Good oral practices including brushing, flossing, is essential for regrowth of tooth and bone. Oral care and maintaining hygiene is also important for the patient. 

Other than these three processes, Root coverage and ridge augmentation are another processes that periodontist uses to give the best treatment to their patients. 

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