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Pediatric dentistry is one of the branches of dentistry that deals with children dental health through their adolescence. The specialty of pediatric dentistry is recognized by the American Dental Association.

Kids in their childhood are not enough mature that they can understand how important it is to maintain a good oral health, that’s why in most of the dental cases, people since their childhood faces the dental problems and it carries till their teenage or marriageable age as well. Therefore it is important to take care of oral health since childhood. For having a good hygiene and good dental condition, one just needs to have good dental habits.

To have your child’s teeth healthy and strong here are some of the habits to be developed in kids

Fluoride in water has the qualities to keep the teeth strong and enables them to fight against tooth decay. So, it is important for parents to make their child understand this and encourage them to brush two times in a day. It will be more beneficial for the kids if they use toothpaste that comprises of Fluoride. The quantity of Fluoride present in water and toothpaste will protect child’s teeth.

Tap water: Tap water comprises of Fluoride which will strengthen enamel, so having the habit of drinking tap water will be good. However, people use filters that often removes the fluoride, so it is important to check whether your machine is removing the fluoride or not and if it is removing then find in which quantity.

Sugary and sticky foods: It is important to avoid sugary and sticky foods and provide them healthy snacks in between the meals. Mothers can even try to give them fruit, yogurt, cheese and veggie sticks.

Constant sipping: Mother should be careful and avoid providing milk bottle for overnight as a regular sipping or milk or juice may increases the chance of tooth decay.

Baby teeth: Baby teeth growth is very important for the child, so it is important to pay attention to the growth of baby teeth. Space in between the baby teeth growth or losing teeth early may cause pain to the kids, so it is important to have good care of dental health.

Dental sealants help prevent cavities: Parents can even consult with the Pediatric dentists to get the resin seal over child’s permanent molars to protect the teeth in their adulthood.

Do not neglect the dental issues of your kids and contact your nearest Pediatric Dentist at Urban Smiles in sector 26, sector 27, sector 28, sector 29, sector 15, sector 16, sector 17, sector 18, sector 25, sector 30, sector 36 Noida

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