We at Urban Smiles provide the best Microscopic root canal treatment in Noida. For the greatest accuracy in treating your mouth, the skilled endodontist at urban smiles practices a number of microscope-assisted endodontic techniques. In addition to increasing magnification, the microscope also improves illumination to give the level of vision unattainable by the human eye.

In the late 1990s, Dental Operating Microscope has emerged in the medical industry and since then Microscopic Root Canal Treatment or Micro-endodontics has been in trend these days.

In modern days, microscopic root canal treatment is the newest method that are being used by experienced dentists. The method involves several advantages that facilitate the process of root canal treatment and ensure its success. Some of the best advantages are as follows: 

  • The treatment enables the dentists to diagnose the entire dental conditions and accordingly design an effective treatment plan
  • The coaxial illumination helps the dentists to illuminates the exact problem area which enables the dentist to discover all root canal
  • The professional uses 25-fold magnification which enables the dentists to increase the success rate of the process and bring last longer result
  • If dentists decide to use the root canal treatment through microscope then the risk of tooth fracture or tooth fissure get reduced there itself 
  • The dentists can even use the microscope for filling up the old root canal which is more not functional anymore and required to be removed by using the precise way. The dentists can avoid the minor fractures and fill the new filling material easily
  • There are many root canals that have an unusual shape and root canal and they are not visible through bare eyes and required to be cleaned and filled again, so it is also possible through microscopic root canal treatment
  • If any surgical instrument that has broken during the earlier treatment and it is still present can be also removed from the microscopic machine

Why Should People Go For Microscopic Root Canal Treatment? 

Dental Operative Microscope (DOM) enables the dentists to have better diagnosis, visualization, and management. The microscopic root canal treatment through the microscopic device has become quite easier for the professional as the magnification of the machine ranges from 10X to 25X and it improves the high intensity of lighting. The feature of magnification enables the dentists to see the dental conditions 25 times more than the previous machines. The better visualization enables the dentists to look into the invisible root canal and treat them well. Apart from better visualization and magnification, it enables the dentist to have better accuracy.

Magnified view of the root canal system is important because of following reasons 

  • Improved accuracy of microsurgical incisions through magnification
  • Enables dentists to use smaller instruments 
  • Avoid the risk of tooth fracture or fewer traumas to tissues of the mouth 
  • Minimize the possibility of re-treatment as it strengthens the dentists to treat with precision, depth, and detail
  • Eliminates pain that may occur due to possible complications of root canal treatment

Urban smiles at present assure their patients to have successful treatment of microscopic root canal in Noida across the near by areas such as sector 26, sector 27, sector 28, sector 29, sector 15, sector 16, sector 17, sector 18, sector 25, sector 30, sector 36, etc as the clinic has all the advanced and updated machines and technology to provide the best treatment. Along with the finest quality machines, the clinic also has the finest team of dentists that always provide successful treatment to the patient. Consult the doctors now and get the appointment to have a better treatment. 


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