According to the American Dental Association (ADA), General dentistry is all about to evaluate and diagnose the dental treatment which comprises of oral diseases, cavity, and maxillofacial area. In general dentistry, dentists diagnose and find how the dental condition of the patient is and how it can cause to human health. General dentists can perform the treatment of Fillings, Dentures, Cleaning, Bonding, Crowns and bridges, Root canal, Gum disease care, Cosmetic treatment, Dental implants, Preventive care, Oral surgery, Restorative treatment, etc. Apart from these treatments, they can also give counseling for nutrition and tobacco cessation. 

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is a kind of procedure in which the dentists diagnose the dental conditions and aims to keep the mouth healthy to prevent future dental problems that can occur due to not having good oral hygiene. The main concern of preventive dentistry is to prevent cavities, enamel wear, diseases that can be extensive if not kept well. Preventive dentistry has a particular process under which the treatment takes place which includes comprehensive inspection and then professional cleaning and lastly final treatment. 

At Urban Smiles, dentists of general dentistry and preventive dentistry take the accountability to provide healthy mouth to the patients by treating diverse health conditions. The dentists assure for providing proper treatment to the patients by step by step procedures such as follows: 

Dental Check-up

A dental checkup is the prime step of every dentist in which they can easily diagnose the oral health condition of the patient. During the checkup, dentists check the symptoms of gum diseases, tooth decay, plaque removal, etc. 

Hygiene and Cleaning

Before starting the treatment, it is important to check the dental hygiene and its cleaning process. Deeper cleaning of gums is important as it prevents from tooth loss and poor health gum disease. Some of the steps that people take under hygiene and cleaning process are stain removal, Prevention of gum disease, oral hygiene plan, dietary plan, etc. These steps enable the dentists to provide a proper guidance to maintain the oral hygiene and cleaning just after the hygiene and cleaning process. 

Strengthening hairline tooth fractures

Tiny hairline tooth fracture can cause damage to the root and nerve and after some time it becomes so painful that it required being removed from the root, therefore hairline tooth fracture is necessary to be treated well. In some cases, proper biting habit, improvement in biting and self-management strategies can improve the condition of hairline tooth fracture and in some cases, dentist treats the tooth fracture. 




Mouth guards 

Sportsperson or kids who face the problem of dental injuries can also get relaxed as Urban Smiles has the solution for every dental problem. Dentists assure patients that between 30-50% of these injuries are preventable. Some of the dental injuries that professionals treat at Urban Smile are Cut lips, gums, cheeks or face, Injuries to the tongue, Chipped, broken or knocked out teeth and Broken Jaw. Not only dentists treat the injuries properly, but they suggest wearing mouth guards to prevent the dental injury during the games, tournaments, competition, and matches. 


Beautiful smiling Turkish woman with an invisible mouth guard
Woman suffering from bruxism fitting a mouth guard to protect her teeth from grinding at night.
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