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Dental Tourismmeans traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures, which are generally expensive in one’s own country.

Dental Tourism in India

Medical travelers who seek dental care outside their national borders have single thought in mind: money. It is no secret that medical tourism has been on the rise over the last few decades. In US, UK, and many European countries, dental care is expensive, especially if extensive reconstructive or cosmetic work is required. Prices in some countries are so high that they have forced patients to look for better options abroad. Even if it sounds a bit risky in the beginning, once they complete their treatments, and see the results of a truly professional dental work in their own mouth, most end up wondering why they hadn´t done it before.

As we age, our Gums outlives our teeth, often calling for extensive reconstructive or restorative procedures that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, cost savings is a real factor for a global population. The traveling dental patient need not sacrifice quality to save money. Highly competent dentists who attended respected schools of dentistry and are certified by boards in Western countries often work “just across the border,” providing excellent services for a fraction of the cost. For people who can easily cross a national boundary, the choice is a no brainer.

Dentistry also attracts what might be termed the “incidental traveler.” Patients who take a vacation in a dental destination country may find that they can work some affordable dental care into their holiday plans. Business travelers whose work takes them overseas may arrange for dental care while on a business trip—saving on both oral treatment and travel costs.

Urban Smiles is a great destination for dental tourism, chosen by a number of patients.

Reasons for dental tourism in India

Dental Tourism near Botanical metro station Noida

Because medical tourism is common in the country, At Urban Smiles, we have been providing a variety of dental treatments tailored to each patient’s wishes and needs for delivering great results at attractive prices.

Because the World Health Organization has acknowledged that India has one of the best health care systems in the world.

Because here you find reasonable prices. Dental tourists who travel to India receive the same high-quality service they would expect from a top-notch dental clinic back in their country for a fraction of the price. Even at the best dental clinics like Urban Smiles, where doctors hold the highest accreditations, you will likely end up paying less than you would back home.

Because India is an amazing country where you can find biodiversity and lots of natural beauty. This makes any dental tourism package to this country more attractive.

Because India has many protected areas, social and political stability, high levels of education, and an efficient infrastructure of services that would make you feel home.

…And because it is always a good idea to experience new things in life!

contact us to get more information about our dental treatments and plans.  One of our representatives will be glad to show you all we have got to offer.

We recommend you make sure to stay for a length of time required to get the best dental care possible. It is important to understand the recovery process and to have relaxing options for post-care activities.

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